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Track your Energy Level

Tracking your energy level at regular intervals is primordial to assess which routine and healthy habits works for you.

Note your energy level shortly after you wake up, in the end afternoon at 16h00 and in the evening at 20h00. To determine you energy level, sit quietly and take a few minutes to feel your body. Then rate your energy level on a scale from 0 to 10, with 0 for zero energy and 10 for complete energy with no fatigue.

Use the table to record your energy level. Connect the circles at the end of the week to show the general trend of your energy levels. Make sure to add a note in case of any activities or experiences that may have affected your energy.

Using the chart will provide a record of your energy as you apply some of the recommendations.

Start with the ones that make most sense to you, evaluate the benefits in term of energy gain over a week to validate the impact of each habit. Make the ones that have the most energetic impact your new routine.

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