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Situational use of Influence

Here are two scenarios in which influence technics could be used.
For each situation, ask yourseld the following questions:

1. What is the objective of the influence?
2. What influence technic would be the most effective?
3. What influence technic would be the least effective?

Situation 1
You have heard several accounts from reliable sources that one of your top performers in your department has been sexually harassing a coworker. You would hate to lose this employee, but you strongly disapprove of people who abuse their power. You want the behavior stopped before the company is slapped with a lawsuit.

Situation 2
You are concerned that the other managers in your somewhat conservative company have not completely grasped the need to be more competitive. Even though the firm’s profit and loss statement and other statistics have been slipping steadily, most of them do not yet perceive a need for change. You want to encourage them to implement a Total Quality program.

Before checking the answer below, go back to the list of interpersonal influence in the newsletter and read the different technics. Answer the 3 questions for each situation and then check below what technics might be the most appropriate to each situation.

Check tyhe answers there.

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