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Manage your Mood

When you are having a good day, energy is flowing. When energy is flowing, you feel alive. You are relaxed and ready to meet any situation. Why not experience more of those days?

Notice your negative emotions; when you feel fear, when you hate or react with anger and hostility, when you doubt yourself, when you blame someone, when you feel victimized, when you want to defend yourself or punish another, when you judge or reject someone.

Avoid projecting your feelings into others. Avoid participating in negativity. When you feel stress in the air, just walk away. When you are having a negative emotion, step back as soon as you can, take a few deep breaths and observe your reaction without indulging it.

Take your time but do not miss an opportunity
Do not ask the impossible of yourself, be gentle, never harsh. It takes time to remove stuck energy. If you cannot feel any negative energy it is usually because you numb yourself. At some level you told those energies that they are forbidden to express themselves.

Pay attention, the next thing that triggers you to feel negative is a clear signal that this is what you should have a look at and clear. Do not delay it, do not deny, and do not minimize the feeling. It could take some time to process a moment of anger, or a few minutes, no one can predict – the next time though will be easier and faster. Emotions are not random, they are offered because there is a need for clearing. Every moment is an opportunity for growth.

Find what works for you
The easiest way to transform a negative emotion is to notice, feel and accept it without judgment.

To notice you can name the emotion as you then create a gap between you and the emotion which makes the emotion less powerful, more like an object to be observed and no longer a part of you.

To feel the emotion start by bringing your attention to the physical feelings associated with the emotion. You might observe the knot in your stomach, your clenched jaw, your quick and shallow breath, the shoot of heat going up your spine and neck.

To accept we must manage to dive into the emotion and stay with it until it dissolves. Your mind might express all kinds of complaints. You might even feel like crying, shouting or growling. Just do it and then come back to the emotion. If you can hold with the feeling long enough, basically until you accept it, then you can let it go for good.

When we stop to fight, control or contain an emotion, the body let go, the breath slow down, muscles relax, like a sigh of relief. You stop giving energy to the emotion. Whenever you clear the tiniest bit of negative or stuck energy, you will feel better. Actually, it is not even necessary to understand the origin of the emotion to transmute it.

When you laugh, you move energy. When you find a way to release tension or express appreciation or discover what you really feel like, negative energy has moved.

There are other techniques to release negative emotions ranging from relaxation to physical exercise to emotional and artistic expression. Be creative, find out what works for you.

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