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Your 5 years Vision

Write down what new person you would like to be in 5 years from now. Consider your job, business, health, family, relationships and finance.

Visualize the successful you in 2018, feel the situation, picture it as if it was happening right now. Play along for a while and imagine a journalist is interviewing you as one of the most successful leaders in a TV show. Imagine the kind of person you are, what you managed to achieve, and your new life style. Take the time to write it down with as many details as possible.

The journalist is then asking you what you were doing 2 years before to become so successful. As your brain need coherence, you should be able to picture it. Write down where you were in 2016, what you were doing, what your feelings were, your relationships… etc.

Repeat the exercise, and rewind 2 years earlier and write down 2014.

Be aggressive, picture an amazing future for yourself, your brain will assist you to put the plan, with 2 intermediate check points. One cannot measure the creative power of such an exercise until you take the time to do it properly and set at least an hour aside.

If you keep holding this long term vision, review it and take action every day, beware, it might realize – so be bold and make it a good one!

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