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Know yourself

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” Aristotle.

How are you feeling? Do you need some time to figure out how to answer this question?

It’s really interesting to see how we are so focus on the external world, so busy in our life, that we do not take the time to know how we are doing and register our emotional state. It is much easier for us to make accurate descriptions of objects or concepts, than to describe our own feelings.

Here is a simple exercise to start being more conscious about our feelings.

Be Aware of Your emotions
Start to really pay attention to your emotions, every day at home and at work, both the positives and negatives ones. To ensure you remember take the time to regularly write down your feelings and emotions. Ideally you should become aware of your emotions as they arise. Any event triggering our emotions is a chance to learn something on ourselves.

Obtain Feedback
To discover some truth about ourselves, get feedback on your emotions from your personal relationships. We tend to foul ourselves with a rosy picture of how we want other to see us. It is the politician image of us.
Remain open minded, it is for the sake of the exercise and make sure to also ask for feedback on the negative ones. This is a unique opportunity as we usually do not ask being too afraid to receive negative feedback.

Better Manage Emotions
Becoming more aware of our emotions is the first step to better manage them. Emotions are a natural phenomenon, a spontaneous process of psychic re-harmonization if you let them be. We encourage you to take the time to regularly write them down, as the words we use to describe our emotions are important.

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