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Emotional intelligence, a must have Leadership skill

Leadership success has to do with the way people think, the way they feel, and the way they behave. Personality is actually a good indicator of leadership success. Successful leaders always demonstrate drive, openness, and emotional intelligence.

At school, at university and then at work, we learn to use our intellect and physical abilities. But nowhere we are teach emotional science, intuition, imagination, inspiration, and creativity.

Our emotions shape our lives, guide our choices, and determine our thoughts, words and actions. Our behaviors will be radically different whether we are sad, inspired, hopeless or content. This is why it is crucial to be aware of our emotions, and learn to positively transform the automatic reactions that often play with us. If you think about it, the majority of human challenges actually have an emotional origin.

Accept your emotions
Many people are hiding, in denial, or numbing their emotions. Emotions are actually an expression of the self that is most needed at the time. Anger if not applied to other is a very powerful energy to act. Emotions should not be rejected or ignored, but listened to, welcomed and transformed. With practice it is possible to transmute negative emotions, to do a kind of inner alchemy. Emotions become an opportunity to be in contact with your true self. People actually reveal the best of themselves, when they are affected, touched and sensitive. To accept our emotions, listen to our feelings is neither painful nor dangerous, but a liberation and a relief. It is to become true, adult, drop our fears, and cease childish domination and control games.

Unconscious influence of emotions
When we numb or repress our emotions, they remain and continue to influence our thoughts and actions, but unconsciously. The emotion is tirelessly seeking a way to be heard. For instance somebody who is trying to repress anger to show serenity usually become rigid, dogmatic and sour. His anger is self-indulge, as well as to anybody that do not think like him. Likewise, somebody who is sad but trying to look happy unconsciously impregnate his speech and attitudes with his sadness. His fake cheerfulness is not fooling anybody, especially not his close circle. Many addictions come from the wish to numb our emotions.

Attempting to control and discipline through will power our emotions is a hopeless and exhausting struggle, as one cannot kill a part of himself.

Sensibility is intelligence
Emotions actually develop the intelligence using sensibility to perceive the diversity, the complexity and the subtlety of reality. Feeling and thinking by yourself, allow you to develop your own vision, to be creative and find innovating solutions, basically to contribute with your unique personality to the world.

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