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We are flexible to discuss various remuneration models.

  • The most classic option is calculated on the gross yearly income inclusive of premiums, profit-sharing, bonuses and benefits of all kind.
  • Alternatively, a fixed fee can be agreed upfront.

We do charge an administration fee of EUR 1500 per hiring request

This reasonable fee ensures the commitment of all parties. The client do confirms their willingness to work with us, and we can dedicate ressources to perform a quality search. That confirmation is also important before we start reaching out our personal network of talents to provide them with potential opportunities.

In any case and whatever model you choose, our double guarantee apply, thereby assuring you will obtain the relevant candidates within 8 weeks, or the administrative fee is reimbursed, and you will get a new search free of charge, if you decide not to confirm the new employee within the first 3 months.

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